Captains Blog 2 – Under Pressure

So with only 3 weeks until our next Champs game on the 20th May against the Vendetta Vixens, us Bombshell Bruisers are well into our 4 week pre-game prep program. The program includes all aspects of development including physical strength, strategy, self analysis, scrim, intensified and focused training sessions. We have analysed our last game and where we can make improvements because although we won, a team should never be content and should continuously strive for improvements.

We were very lucky that we had the brilliant Florence The Machine of London Brawling and Team England come to watch our last game and coach a session for us. With her being an ex-Bomber she knows us well and knows our abilities. This was absolutely fantastic and invaluable to us, it has helped us to develop and strengthen and given us lots to work with so thank you very much Flo.

We have also developed new strategies to implement, which we hope to try out this Sunday when the lovely Borderland Brawlers pop over for a fun scrim. I’m looking forward to that. On top of that we’re really looking forward to a closed door against Mansfield on 13th. Mansfield are a team we love to scrim with and with them being top of Tier 4 West at the minute it should be a close one and really helpful to both teams, can’t wait!

As you also know we work in partnership with Custom Fitness who have also upped the pressure on our strength and conditioning sessions, this really paid off last game and I’m hoping the girls will be feeling in top form this time too. So, a busy couple of weeks ahead with lots to cram in. We played the Vixens last season and lost by just a handful of points, so we have a score to settle and the pressure is on! The girls are in high spirits, have bellies full of fire and are chomping at the bit for another champs win.

Who knows what will happen, it won’t be easy but we will give it our all that’s for sure!