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Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls (LBRG) are very excited to announce that Custom Fitness will be our official strength and conditioning (S&C) partners throughout 2016! As well as providing roller derby specific workouts on a weekly basis they will also provide nutritional advice, injury prevention and remedial support and make sure that our skaters are in top health and fitness ready for British Championships.

We will have the support of qualified trainers to tailor sessions to meet individual and team needs to improve our overall performance. Coach for LBRG Lil Cherry Kick’her (Lisa Johns) has attended Custom Fitness gym previously and seen the great community atmosphere and advice given by the trainers “We ask a lot from our bodies to play roller derby, so need to make sure we are training them appropriately to play the game. I know I also feel more mentally prepared for game play when I feel physically fit. This is a great opportunity for our whole team to access this training to supplement everything we do on skates for optimal performance.” Dave Poole from Custom Fitness is equally excited about the upcoming partnership stating “We have worked with a few of the Bombers skaters over the past 2 years, so to be working fully time for the next 12 months is something we at CF are really looking forward to. Roller Derby is such a fast growing sport and the Bombers are really looking to be at the top of their game. They realise that S&C is such a core component for athletes but relatively new concept in roller derby. With a structured and appropriate training plan we are looking to aid the Bombers in getting great success in 2016. Its exciting times!”

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